"Gallerytab" - a Plugin for Community Builder and JoomGallery

GalleryTab is a plugin for Community Builder which integrates the gallery component JoomGallery into the profile page of a user. It was originally published as Ponytab. A no longer supported version for Ponygallery (ML) is available further below.

Currently, GalleryTab provides three separate tabs:

Each tab can be configured and published separately in the Community Builder Tab Management. JoomGallery is supported from versions 1.0 / 1.5 RC on with CB 1.1 / 1.2 in Joomla 1.0 and 1.5.

Download and Installation

You can download GalleryTab for JoomGallery (current version: 3.1) directly from JoomGallery.net. Just upload and install the Zip-file in the Community Builder Plugin installer and publish the plugin


In the Tab Management of Community Builder, you can set up various output, ordering, and pagination options for each tab. To prevent huge numbers of images showing up from an administrator account, it is also possible to hide all backend-uploaded images.


For a demonstration of the Gallerytab, see my uploaded Warhammer Miniatures at the Round Table of Bretonnia.


I appreciate any kind of feedback (your experience, feature wishes, bugs). Either contact me directly, or use the Forum at JoomGallery.net.

GalleryTab for Ponygallery

Neither Ponygallery ML nor the corresponding CB-plugin are developed anymore. Should you still need the plugin for some reason, you can download it here (Version 2). Recommended is the newest available version of Ponygallery ML (at least 2.5).

You can also install GalleryTagsTab in parallel to GalleryTab, to display the images on which a user us tagged in Ponygallery.