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Rockbox music sync script

This little script helps synchronizing a music collection on a local hard drive to a player running the Rockbox firmware (IPod, Cowon iAudio, Archos, etc.). Of course it could also be used for any other media player which is mounted as mass storage. All files from the configurable source directory (music collection on hard drive) are synchronized to the destination directory (mounted drive of the player). Only files which have changed are copied. Album covers are converted and scaled so that Rockbox can use them, if they are in the right directory. You can use Amarok with the CopyCover script to place all album covers in the directory of the album.

Just download the script file, edit the configuration part in it, make it executable and run it. For synchronization, you need rsync installed and for the cover conversion ImageMagick. Both should be available pre-packaged for most Linux distributions. It is important that you edit the source and destination directories of the synchronization properly. Otherwise, syncronization could fail or even wipe everything on the destination directory! You should also adjust the option for the dimension of the cover images to the size your Rockbox theme requires. The script uses the file sync_rockbox.log as rsync log file, which you can consult when something goes wrong.

Use at your own risk - and don't hesitate to contact me if you have suggestions for improvements.

Last modified: 2009-01-21