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"jAwards" - awarding users in Joomla!

To encourage users in my web-community The Round Table of Bretonnia to participate in various activity, I wrote a little Component for the CMS Joomla, along with a Plugin for the Community Builder component to handle awards or achievements.

With jAwards you can create custom medals for your community and hand them out to deserving members, e.g. for participating in contests, or submitting articles. The frontend shows an overview about the available awards, and who earned which one. Internationalization for Frontend and Backend is available in English, German and French at the moment. More user-contributed translations are welcome!

Everything is hosted at the official Joomla Developer site, JoomlaCode. Just follow the links below, problems and wishes can be posted there too.

More information, a Readme and Changelog are in the Documents Section.


The component and the Community Builder plugin can both be downloaded at Joomlacode. You will also find a medal starter pack with some images available there.

The Component

Install the downloaded zip file for the component in the Joomla-Backend as usual. It might work for Mambo too, though being developed for Joomla 1.04 (and newer). I have tested the component as good as possible, but I guarantee for nothing - use it at your own risk ;). An update to a newer version is possible by deinstalling the component and installing the newer version (Backup your files and database just in case!). More information is in the Readme at Joomlacode.

One word about terminology: Medals are what you have to create first (consisting of an image and description). When you hand it out to a user, it's an Award (consisting of Medal, User and a date).

Community Builder Integration

With the corresponding plugin, the medals each user has earned can be displayed in an Awards-Tab in the user's profile. Install and configure like any other Community Builder plugin.

Joomlaboard / Fireboard Integration

Inspired by the medals-mod for phpBB, I am also showing two random medals of the users below their avatar in forum posts in Joomlaboard. The same is possible in its successor, Fireboard. Documents with the needed code and more instructions are available in the Documents section at the Forge.


Any kind of feedback in the form of suggestions, feature requests or bug reports is appreciated. Just contact me personally, write in the Forum at Joomlacode, or submit a Bug Tracker there.


jAwards is released as Open Source under the license GNU GPL. If you like the component, I really appreciate any small donation:

Last modified: 2014-04-22